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Why Rocket Foam®?

Rocket Foam® has been scientifically proven as one of the best materials not only for creating a perfect environment of grass roots to grow, but for creating a stable environment that reduces soil dynamics, water-logging and compaction, especially in areas with heavy golf buggy traffic.

Grass roots are able to grow directly through Rocket Foam® within a soil substrate which allows for the best possible root development and soil aeration.

Rocket Foam® in the soil creates a unique root zone material with up to 60% water and 40% air that provides grass with a much healthier environment to grow strong and healthy. A gradual release of nutrients and water absorption encourages germination and faster and finer rooting.

As well as creating a full and even growth, this improves the self-restoring capability of the turf, providing increased wear performance.

Rocket Foam®

At a glance

  • Encourages greater root growth that creates stable, hardy, healthy grass
  • Near perfect root air-to-moisture ratio of 40:60
  • Is environmentally friendly – reduces the amount of water needed to maintain grass, is inert and biodegradable
  • Is cost-effective – less water, less fertilizer and reduced energy costs
  • Offers a rapid return on investment
  • Long lasting – Rocket Foam ® remains productive for 10-15 years
  • Is flexible – can be applied in several ways

Rocket Foam®

Creating world-class grass

At Rocket Foam ®, we’re passionate about sports and the stage on which they are performed. Our mission is to help ground staff of all levels create beautiful golf courses or football pitches that support great sporting moments.

World-class facilities in particular rely on the quality of their pitches, greens and fairways. We are here to help create and maintain the best turf possible.

*Based on a model assuming 2 mobile mixing units with 2 nozzles running at full capacity of 36m3/hr/machine or 72m3/h for both machines, the golf course is 34 hectares or 340,000m2 with a soil depth of 300mm, using a factor of 20% volume of the soil we would require a 60mm layer of Rocket Foam ® totaling 20,400m3.

Without Rocket Foam®

Depth of root systems after 4 years – 11cm

With Rocket Foam®

Depth of root systems after 3 months – 19cm

Rocket Foam®

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Rocket Foam® is extremely environmentally friendly. The product is inert, free of any residual harmful chemicals, bio disposable and will remain productive in the soil for 10 to 15 years.

Rocket Foam® has also been tested and proven to reduce irrigation water requirements and cut costs by up to 50%, whilst also reducing nutrient leaching and minimizing fertilizer expenditure.

In addition to these savings on water and fertilizers, for every $1 saved on water consumption, $1 is saved on power consumption.

Further savings can also be made with reduced man-hours for maintenance.

Using Rocket Foam®

Rocket Foam® is a flexible product that can be applied to soccer pitches and golf courses either by incorporating it into root zones at construction or during resurfacing or routine maintenance.

To apply a layer of Rocket Foam® to a golf course of 34 hectares would take 36 working days*.

Rocket Foam®


Rocket Foam® is a vital component in the turf of one of the most famous stadiums in the world.

It has been used in high-profile sports fields such as the London Olympic Stadium; Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC; Swansea FC and the home of Gaelic Games – Croke Park, Dublin.

Rocket Foam® has also been tested and endorsed for use in Golf course soil substrates by the USGA (United States Golf Association) and the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute).

This has seen Rocket Foam® used for Golf Courses throughout Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the famous Yas Links Golf Course in Abu Dhabi.

“The conditions of the grass in each of the trials was healthy and vigorous, and showed no sign of stress due to the lower application rate of irrigation water and reduced cycle”

– Michael Clarke, Golf Course Superintendent,
Yas Links Golf Club, Abu Dhabi