Rocket Foam

Cutting edge technology for faster growth.
Ideal Air/Water Ratio. Scientifically Proven Air- 37% by Volume. Unique open-cell technology. Clone Cubes 5-7 Day Root Growth Time vs. 7-14 Days


Only 2% Solid for Maximum Water and Nutrients Uptake.
Perfect Air-Water Ratio for Greater Root Development and Stronger Plants.
More Accurate Distribution of Oxygen and Nutrients Without the Risk of Oversaturation!
A Neutral pH To Create the Ideal Growing Environment

Perfect Air/Water Ratio

The rocket foam structure provides a near-perfect air/water ratio at all times, encouraging the development of a mass of finely branched roots – enabling better uptake of water and essential nutrients. The result is stronger, healthier plants and improved yields.

Scientifically Proven – Air 37% by Volume

Oxygen is as vital to healthy root development as water and nutrients. The open cell structure of rocket foam ensures good oxygen content throughout the entire depth of the slab or pot of flakes – even when rocket foam is saturated. Before rocket foam it was very easy to add water to a substrate – but far more difficult to add oxygen! 

Easy Water Management

Impossible to over-wet/saturate at a maximum of 60% saturation. Rocket foam ensures there is sufficient air for healthy root growth. Should rocket foam dry out for any reason, re-wetting is simple and trouble-free. 

About Us

We Value Natural Treatment

Simple, natural product

Rocket Foam is 100% bio-disposable, made in the USA, and suitable for any crop type. It allows you to start growing your plants with a clean substrate and reduce your crop management efforts.

ROCKET FOAM breaks down in the soil over a 7+ year period. Since it is sterile and inert the Rocket Foam component of the mix will not change the chemical balance (eg. the pH).


RocketClone is specifically made for cloning pH. It is neutralized and proven to reduce this stage of the life cycle on average from 10 to 7 days, saving time and allowing you to turn your crop faster.

Starting a plant has never been so easy. Just add water, light and warmth. RocketClone encourages large numbers of roots to grow. RocketClone is sterile and provides a well-balanced environment with an excellent ratio of air to water. This results in pure white quality roots. Hormone gel or powder is optional. 


Rocket foam in a pH-neutralized solid form. Provided in a variety of sizes and/or potentially make any shape or size within reason to suit the customer. Standard sizes are readily available. 


The shredded foam into flakes that are pH neutralized and bagged in different sizes. Rocket Flake reduces compaction in the root zone simply by creating more air space. Since it holds air and water the plant roots will grow through the Rocket Foam flakes.